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Therapy / Treatments

Recreational Therapy (RT)

The Recreational Therapy program (Adjunctive Therapy) is a systematic process utilizing recreation and other activity-based interventions. This therapy is based upon the assessed needs of individuals with illness and/or disabling conditions. It also includes specialized group and family therapies.

The purpose of the program is to improve or maintain physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual functioning. Adjunctive/Recreation Therapy is a supportive atmosphere to the child, adolescent and adult modalities.

Program features:

❖ Teamwork
❖ Self-confidence
❖ Self-esteem
❖ Aerobic dance/exercise
❖ Coed sports
❖ Social skills
❖ Motor skills
❖ Leisure education
❖ Ropes challenge course
❖ Team sports
❖ Music & art therapy
❖ Cookouts
❖ Weightlifting
❖ Treadmill
❖ Campus walk
❖ Exercise bike
❖ Fishing

teens at recreational therapy