Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services | What to Bring | What not to Bring

What to Bring / What Not to Bring

What to Bring

Clothing: Acute Services: 3-5 day supply of casual, comfortable clothing is recommended; Residential Treatment: 7-10 day supply of casual, comfortable clothing is recommended. We have washers/dryers and laundry detergent available to our patients at no charge.
Shoes: Slip on or Velcro athletic shoes are preferred.
Cash: Vending machines available; please only bring small amounts.
Medications and/or medical equipment.
Immunizations record (adolescents / residential treatment)
Calling card: Telephones are available on the units near each nurse’s station for use during free time. Local calls are free of charge, but long distance calls will require a card.

What Not to Bring

Clothing with reference to drugs, alcohol, bands or individuals associated with the same
Backless shirts, low cut or sheer/see-through blouses or clothing
Tank tops or shirts with spaghetti straps
Bras with underwire
Baggy shorts or pants, skirts or shorts more than 4″ above knee
Low rise jeans, pants or shorts
Excessively tight clothing
Belts, drawstrings, shoe strings
Any electronic devices including cell phones, iPods, laptops or recording devices, etc.
Food, snacks, Energy drinks, and gum
Cigarettes and other tobacco products (adults are allowed to smoke cigarettes)
Lighters, matches or any device that produces a flame
Candles, incense or any decorative items that burn
Weapons of any kind (knives, guns, chains, razors, scissors, etc.)
Alcohol of any kind
Racial or religious “hate” symbols or paraphernalia
Any item that can be used for self-mutilation
Metal coat hangers
Nail polish

We supply all hygiene and toiletry items.

Please leave any items of value at home for safekeeping. This would include jewelry, handheld gaming devices (Nintendo DS, Playstation PSP, etc.), MP3 players, personal computers and cell phones.